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  • Reduce your shower time

    Did you know that the shower consumes 153 liters of water in 15 minutes? If you reduce your shower time by 5 minutes, you will save 51 liters of water every time you take a shower.

    Source: Planeta Sustentável

    Diminua o tempo no banho
  • Don't dispose of cooking oil down the drain

    Oil works as glue when poured down the drain, forming lumps that block the pipe. Dispose of oil at appropriate places.

    Source: Planeta Sustentável

    Não descarte óleo no ralo
  • Conserve water when you wash your sidewalks

    Don't wash sidewalks and backyards with your hose. You'll get the same results by using a sponge and a bucket of water. With a bucket, you save 260 liters of water with one simple act.

    Source: Planeta Sustentável

    Lave sua calçada corretamente
  • Use rain water

    When watering plants, use a watering can with the water collected by rain instead of watering with a hose. If you have a large garden, choose the hose with a spray gun. It is more economical.

    Source: Planeta Sustentável

    Use a água da chuva
  • Use recycled paper

    In the production of 100% recycled paper, no trees are cut down. This way, 11 trees will be saved from being cut down in the production of one ton of 100% recycled paper.

    Source: Associação Brasileira de Celulose e Papel

    Use papel reciclado
  • Save water in the toilet tank

    Place a plastic bottle in your toilet tank. This way, you will save the amount of water used to flush with relation to the size of the bottle. A one-liter plastic bottle represents one liter less used to flush.

    Source: Eco Desenvolvimento

    Economize água da descarga
  • Turn the faucet off when not in use

    When the faucet is turned on, it wastes about 25 liters every 5 minutes. By turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth; shaving; or washing your face, you will use only 2 liters on average and save about 23 liters a day.

    Source: Planeta Sustentável

    Feche a torneira quando não estiver usando
  • Electronic garbage

    Take your old or damaged computer to places suitable for recycling. They contain highly toxic heavy metals harmful to human health and the environment.

    Source: Ecodesenvolvimento

    Lixo eletrônico
  • Do not leave your faucet dripping

    Never leave your faucet dripping because it wastes thousand liters of water per month. Turning off the faucet correctly and not leaving the water running will save more than 12 liters of water a year.

    Source: Planeta Sustentável

    Cuidado com a torneira pingando
  • Plant trees

    Apart from helping to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, trees provide shade and help reduce temperatures inside the residences. This helps to reduce our dependency on air conditioners or fans.

    Source: Iniciativa Verde

    Plante árvores
  • Separate your trash

    Separating trash and recycled products decreases the emissions of greenhouse gases. It saves raw materials when we recycle, and we also save energy and fossil fuels with reduced needs for manufacturing and transportation.

    Source: Iniciativa Verde

    Separe o lixo
  • Use both sides of paper

    Do you know that 11 trees are necessary to produce one ton of paper? By using both sides of letter size sheets of paper, you will save 0.3 trees a year.

    Source: Associação Brasileira de Celulose e Papel

    Use os dois lados do papel


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